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Sams Dine Sy 
A retired facilitator and expert group management specialist, the publisher of the - open science platform dedicated to foresight and policy analysis - declares that it is not affiliated with any interest group, advises or receives funds from any organization that can benefit 


Sams Dine SY - Plateform Editor of is a former independent international consultant, facilitator and expert group management specialist in the following areas: 
  • Foresight & Strategic Planning     
  • Policy Analysis    
  • Financial economics of research and innovation systems...
The platform brings together some of the works, books and reports on Africa and press articles on current issues.

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To Quote is an open science platform dedicated to scientific and methodological deployment in the following areas:
  • Global and Regional Foresight
  • Policy Analysis in the Federal Ecosystem
  • Capacity Transformation or MoonShots Africa. 
In quoting this entry, please cite the sources of the work posted on this site. This entry can be cited as follows: Sams Dine Sy - Global Foresight & Capability Transformation: World - Africa (online resource). 

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