Regional Foresight
Regional integration in Africa


 Will the future global context be determined by the globalization of markets, competition and innovation? Or will it be the result of a legal construction that institutionalises the region and leaves room for action to the States? Will we rather see the resurgence of protectionism around closed blocks polarized by actors who impose on the rest of the world logics alternating productive cooperation and non-cooperative games according to the domains and geographical spaces concerned? In this case, is the disintegration of regions that do not manage to control the stakes not likely to result in a sudden increase in world conflict?
On the horizon of a generation, how do the principles of tolerance, respect, search for truth, cultural rootedness, shared management of world visions express Africa? What would be the implications of each of these future paths for regional integration in Africa? What vision should Burkina Faso therefore implement by 2025 and propose to its partners within WAEMU, ECOWAS, COMESSA and ECA?
The future of Burkina Faso in Africa and in the world can be apprehended through three magnifying glasses which are as many guiding wires to try to capture this glimmer which transforms dreams into reality; these three magnifying glasses are :
- exploratory scenarios ;
- the vision;
- regional ambitions           

Intégration Régionale 


Regional integration in Africa: the case of Burkina Faso   
1. Introduction

2. Regional Integration Scenarios
     Globalisation on the rise - Africa out of the game
      Regionalized markets - polarized Africa
      Regional Specialization - African Breakthrough
      Renewed globalisation - Africa participates
3. Towards a Regional Vision for Burkina Faso in 2025
      Regional integration and socio-cultural values
      Regional integration and the situation of landlocked countries
      Regional integration and competitive economic performance
4. Federative Themes for a Regional Vision 2025
      Stimulating the socio-cultural dimension
      Boosting the global integration of landlocked countries
      Enhancing services, disseminating innovation
5. Summary of Key Actions
    Cross-cutting actions (common to all scenarios)
     Thematic actions (by scenario)
6. Next Steps