Deployment in Africa
Is another century for development possible?

World Social Forum  Mumbay ; January 2004

This presentation examines development prospects as they emerge at the beginning of the twenty-first century and the role of social thinking in the formulation of an alternative paradigm or programme that can reduce the gaps between regions of the world to a reasonable level. 
The starting point of the analysis is the nature of the link between socialism and development, two movements of ideas, systems and policies that would have emerged almost simultaneously in the nineteenth century, before declining in the second half of the twentieth century. The first section examines - at the national, continental and global levels - the question of whether a development opportunity exists or is assumed to exist. 
The second section returns to the problems of coherence between current responses and the current and future context, that of the twenty-first century. These responses have taken a new turn with the deployment of a systemic vision of weapons of mass destruction, to the detriment of any objective other than exclusive global domination. 
The third section outlines the steps to put development at the heart of the global agenda for the 21st century. By way of conclusion, the presentation discusses the role of social thinking and the Think Tanks that serve it, in the implementation of this paradigm, while within the UN, the reflection on the reform of the international system has just been launched.

Another Century of Development

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I. Is another century for development possible?
1. Socialism & Development: Case of Senegal
2 Socialism & Development: The Case of Africa and the World
II. Development, assumptions: a crash problem
1. The Crash of Assumptions
2. The challenges of the 21st century
III.  Towards another century of development
1. Building scenarios in a context of radical uncertainty
2. The conceptual framework: Vision and possible actions

  1. Summary
  2. Policy Analysis : Deployment in Africa
  3. De la Cacophonie Climatique aux Objectifs de Décroissance Economique et
  4. Climate Cacophony Against the Backdrop of Hybrid Paradigms War (ongoing)
  5. Covid Analytics for Dummies
  6. Stop Policy Analysis bashing !
  7. Sustainable Financing for Capacity Development in Africa
  8. New Modes of Governance in Africa.;2006
  9. Universities: Towards the African University of the 3rd Millennium: Master Plan
  10. Phd & Master Economics: Capacity of African Faculties of Economics and Management
  11. Central Banking & Economic Policy Analysis
  12. Master in Finance & Business CESAG: Capacity for Higher Education in Banking and Financial Markets
  13. Methodology : Preparing and Designing a National Capacity Development Plan: The Case of CAR
  14. Partnership : Nepad critical assessment
  15. Integration : RENFOR ECCAS Capacity
  16. Entreprise Capacity Develpment Project: Impact of Private Sector Business Foundation Support, 1995
  17. Millenium Summit & African leaders : a discursive policy analysis
  18. Public Spending Review : the case of social sector Senegal, 1998
  19. The Federalist: Africa and the Federal State
  20. Performance : Sen-Stigltz Report : a comment
  21. Franc CFA in search of Capacitary Transformation
  22. Cluster competitivness & National Innovation System
  23. Euro Dollar & Challenges for West Africa
  24. Mdgs
  25. Another Century for Develpment
  26. Globalisation & Development
  27. Futur of Socialism
  28. Transformation of the CFA Franc Zone, 1997
  29. Should we imitate the american model ?
  30. Globalization: Landmarks and Evolution, Characteristics and Stakes
  31. Financial Policy for Growth: Senegal; 1997
  32. Critical Social Thinking: Blends in honor of Samir Amin
  33. The Thinker and the Expert, 2003
  34. Samir Amin : Nobel Prize in Economics ?
  35. Ethics & Policy
  36. Production and Industrial Management in Africa: 1996
  37. Regional Dynamics & Innovation System
  38. Action Plan for Financing Agricultural Research; 1995
  39. Policy Analysis Template, 1992
  40. Core Capacities UNECA; 1994
  41. From Development Planning to Policy Analysis
  42. Planning in Africa: Key Issues for the Future 1992
  43. Idep Short Term Training: 1992 in Policy Analysis Idep: 1992
  44. Preparatory phase; Idep; 1991
  45. Idep : Review of the Training Program 1964-1991
  46. UNDP Rôle And Mandate, 1991
  47. Senegalese experience in U.N. projects execution, 1991
  48. Master in Finance & Business: African Management Training Network